Max | Max Plus

As low as $50/Payment for 4 Payments or $239+

Luxurious Interior

Max doesn’t only give a luxury interior, but also comes with features that beat any other headrest screen. Max is the only headrest screen that comes with software updates. 

Why Updates are necessary?

Updates contain important changes to improve the performance, stability and security of the applications that run on your device. Installing them ensures that your software continues to run safely and efficiently. Keep in mind that many web exploits look for outdated software with unpatched security flaws.

Ultra high-definition video.

Built for android 10. And beyond.

 is made to run the latest features — and even some that haven’t been invented yet. So you can use Dark Mode and night mode. And take advantage of feature and security updates in the future.

Eye Protection

Control the brightness and the white background. Max is the only screen that comes with Night Mode.

Night Mode

Day Mode

Night mode is optional and can be activated through settings page. 

Dark Mode/Light Mode

Reduce eye strain in low-light conditions.

Light-ModeDark Mode

Premium Themes are HERE!


Download your favorite games and enjoy playing games while on road!


Pair your Phone

Compatible with


Display your Max screen on another device through wireless-cast feature!

To a smart TV

Cast to a Smart TV

Max to max

Cast to another Max

Wireless Screen Share

In addition to the wired screen-share. Max does do wireless screen-share via CAST.


Store hundreds of your favorite movies and games!

Store thousands of high-res photos and videos or expand with a microSD card for up to 1.5TB total storage.


16 GB





via MicroSD

Even more great stuff.

Faster Wi‑Fi and cellular data

Wi‑Fi 6 and Gigabit‑class LTE can deliver much faster download speeds, whether you’re on Wi‑Fi or cellular networks.5


Bluetooth v5 can connect more devices, the newest devices are V.5 Bluetooth version and requires V.5 versions only for a successful connection


Cast your video, movie, or your game to a smart tv or any compatible tv and enjoy watching it at home or outdoor in a bigger screen, you will never need any additional device.

99% Movies extension compatible

Alfa Seires is the only brand in the market that is 99% movies extension compatible. Play H264, H265, H266 movies as easy as playing MP4 movies!

Firmware updates

Updates contain important changes to improve the performance, stability and security of the applications that run on your device. Alfa Series publish the latest update whenever Max needs an update to the system.


Max comes with the latest android security to perform highest security check on any file or app to install. Security will prevent any malware from being installed.

AV input/output

Connect max to another max via av port , AV works exactly as CAST but without the need for a hotspot.

HDMI output

Display Max on any compatible bigger screen via the HDMI port,

USB port

Plug-in any thumb drive, mouse, keyboard, or any compatible USB device to control max or add extra space or watch and listen saved items.

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